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    jazz 'take 5 'notes kevdog

    If anyone has notes on this I'd really appreciate them thanks

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      Take 5: Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond

      (Themes and Variations)

      -example of West Coast Cool Jazz; 1950's

      -Take Five was a new and exiting piece of music - mainly due to it's catchy tune (lasting 24 bars); its ABA form, syncopated rhythm and large scope for improvisation*

      -1 bar rhythmic ostinato (riff) 1st on the piano, drums and bass; foundations of the piece because of its hypnotic swing

      *1st Improvisation (break): Saxophone; plays dotted rhythms, accents, syncopated rhythms, repeated phrases

      *2nd Improvistaion: Drums; shows off enormous tones and complex rhythms.

      The piece finishes off with the final statement of the theme ( known as the chorus ).

      Hope this helps!

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      Thanks so much Banik that's a great help!

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