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    Music Practicals? Help?! Lilyamelia

    I had my summer exam practicals last week and totally forgot nearly all the words! I think it was because I hadnt practised as much as I could have and because I was so nervous to sing infront of my peers. Its so weird because I love my teacher but I can never sing with confidence infront of her and she always marks me down because i lack in confidence. I try so hard to fake confidence but you can always hear it in my voice. Does anyone have any tips to stop that? Thanks in advance :-)

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      I had mine last week too!:) It's ok these things come with a great deal of practice. What you need to try and do is tart practicing around your friends more often. Start by playing in front of you closest friends and work your way up. Try before your exam to practice with the thought that it was your big day. Try and imagine that behind you is all of your friends listening to you and this will put you under pressure and it will get your adrenaline to kick in. Try and get used to sing in front of family members also, because they are your biggest critics who can give you advice afterwards! I hope this helps:)

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      Thanks so much for replying :-) Im gonna keep practicing and hopefully Ill be grand for my junior cert :-) hope you did well <3

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      I don't know if you need this but for anyone else who needs it I'll say it

      You choose 4 pieces....2 pieces and another 2 pieces or 4 of the same pieces

      You can sing and play with a friend for 2 if you want and only one of you will get marked unless he both want to get marked

      If you are playing the same instrument for 4 then it has to be 4 different genres (pop, classical, romantic, lied) and if you are singing 2 with somebody else you CANNOT be in unison for all of it or an automatic 10% is gone from your 25%

      Don't worry about forgetting words and people don't understand that it doesn't have to be a hard sing because the grade is grade 2 so anything above grade 2 is fine. If you do forget the words, singing with somebody helps because you can make it look like it's that way on purpose.

      I had a panic attack in the middle of my singing in harmony piece because it just came natural and I started again and I ended up getting 45/50 for all 4 of my pieces and my sight reading. It's fine to forget words but don't freak out about it. Just play along as if it meant to happen!

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