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    Notes on all sections of Music SryanBruen

    This thread will be for notes on any section of the JC Music course

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      Do you have any notes on melody writing Please?

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      do you have any notes on choice works and choice songs Please? thanks

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      I'll have the Melody writing notes ready soon Wemi!

      Edassery did your teacher not give you your choice songs and works that you're supposed to learn? What year are you in btw? - It depends on that...

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      have you made any notes yet

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      on what MAD55? I have a couple of notes ready and typed but I'm also working on others... such as Melody writing (sorry I have been EXCEPTIONALLY busy Wemi!!!!!)

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      I would be shocked if anybody did their general study on day to day music and chose me - LOL. I have wrote over 40 songs which you can see on my YouTube. If you don't have a general study by the way, I have notes of an A1 grade example of one.

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      Advice to music students is that you don't have to do the choice songs that your teacher tells you to learn. You can make your own but make sure you know TWO features of each. Like how I chose my friends' song as my chosen blues song.

      'Public Transportation Blues' by 110

      1. Piano repeats the same melody throughout

      2. Polyphonic texture

      ^ Simple features!

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      What is your youtube channel name?

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      Sryan Bruen

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      Techno Techno Glasnevin

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      What SuhDude?

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      Any notes on Set works and Irish Music. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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      Is your JC in June NGonsalves22?

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      I need to know that for the set works (as they change each year).

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      ya this june

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      thanks sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!

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      Ok Wemi.

      When writing a melody, you got to think to yourself on what is a catchy melody. However, the bad thing about this is that there can't be any really wrong thing you do when writing a melody which makes this question very subjective (like English). It really depends on the person and how he / she finds the music you write as people have different opinions. The examiner could give you no marks because he / she does not like the melody whilst another could give you full marks vice versa. A thing to keep in mind when writing a melody also is to always end on "Doh". This is how the Tonic Solfa works in major keys (which is all you need to know for JC):

      Doh rei mi fah soh lah ti doh

      So if it were C Major, doh would be C - so if the piece on your paper shows C Major (no key signatures) then you finish your melody on a C (doh). If it were D Major, you would finish it on D and so on.

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      If you do not end on Doh, then there's an easy 4 marks gone already!

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      And bar lines

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      What Aoife sorry?

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      Any Choice song notes? Im in 3rd Year and we have a seriously bad teacher, Anything will do!

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      Sorry Sryan I meant that you lose 4 marks as well if you forget the bar lines. We were doing the beatles Katie

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      Hope this helps @katie4eva

      General study: The music of the beatles

      Song 1: She's leaving home

      Melodic features: Step movement, wide range, chorus- vocals sing at very high pitch

      Rhythmic features:Mainly crotchets and minms

      Instruments: String instruments ( 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, double bass, harp), classical feel

      Song 2: When I'm 64

      Melodic Features:Mainly triadic e.g. CEG , Chromatic e.g. "Will you still be sending me"

      Rhythmic Features:Mainly quavers , Dotted quavers and syncopation e.g. "many" (draw a quaver and a dotted crotchet)

      Instruments: Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Electric guitar, Piano, Chimes, Pop and Jazz feel.

      (Write these points as full sentences in the exam. I only shortened it down to help to learn it)

      Hope this helps @katie4eva

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