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    PRACTICALS yvonne_dooleyy

    anyone have good ideas for songs that arent pop songs but are singable?

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      I have this exact problem. But some songs that I was thinking of doing are...

      Biffy Clyro- Black Chandelier

      Paramore- Last Hope

      Paramore- The Only Exception


      Years and Years- Memo

      All Time Low- Remembering Sunday

      I know its kinda pop but Fast Car-Tracey Chapman is an amazing song

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      I did 'Father and Son' by Cat Stevens and a Sean Nós song called, 'The Home I left behind'. While you mightn't want to sing these ones specifically, you want to keep your choices pretty diverse. The examiner wants to hear your range over your ability in 1 genre

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      Jealous by labrinth is pretty good!!

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      Kavya Ann Regi

      Chose a song you like and don't mind singing over and over again no matter how bored you become

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      Hill Fort

      is anyone else doing the unprepared sight reading on an instrument? (piano for me) im kinda nervous as my music teacher had no samples to show me and my practical is tomorrow.

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      Kavya Ann Regi

      Look at you will find sight reading questions there

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      kavya are you an indian

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      Kavya Ann Regi

      Yeah I am. How did you know?

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      Kavya Ann Regi

      I am from Kerala

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