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Ripples and the Rockpools
hannakissane Junior Cert Music — 10/12/16 7

I am finding Ripples in the Rockpools really hard to learn about... Any tips as to how I should go about it?

eoghan_15 — 08/11/16
Hi, our teacher gave us notes, I could email them to you
hannakissane — 08/11/16
Yes please! My email is kissaneh2@gmail.com
sbwteacher — 10/11/16
me too please sbteacher@hotmail.com
roro123 — 10/11/16
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pcWYKXDU38 this video is quite useful
Sarah.k.1999 — 15/11/16
Could you please send them to me too? Xx @hannah.schmidt-bleek@hotmail.com
Mdoyle — 07/12/16
Me too mollydoyle@ardscoil.ie
gogo — 10/12/16
there is a really helpful video on youtube that shows the musical features as the songs plays through,handy if you are boed of studying from a page just search ripples in the rockpool features
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