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    1st year midterm test ellenhoulihan2

    Hi, I'm in 1st year and I was wondering is there anyway to make studying for this subject easier? Need answer ASAP cause I have a Mid-term test tomorrow!

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      Bit late for cramming. But.... I would just say make a summary of what you have done. In my Religion class last year, we just had a year of overheads and waffle. But this year we're actually reading from the book. If you're reading from the book just make a bullet point summary of each paragraph. If you're doing pages and pages of overheads then underline the key points, this worked for me.

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      you should actually start at least two weeks before but when cramming in information can be very confusing some times you should have a notebook of all the key points of what you have learned though out the year. finding key points is a must

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      Thanks for the help!! Got 92%

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