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    Journal Christy

    hey do all third years have to do a journal ? ;(

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      Yes!!Why would you not want to!! One sure fire way to go into an exam with some % already!!

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      i guess :( still hate it though

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      Hi. Any help out there on the symbolism of the cross in Christianity??

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      Hi daphne09! The cross is the central symbol of the Christian faith. It is the most widely recognised symbol of Christianity. A cross is found in almost every Christian place of worship. Christians believe that Jesus, the Son of God, was put to death on the cross. He was buried, and rose again from the dead. The crucifixion and the resurrection are the central events in the Christian faith. The cross is a symbol of these major Christian beliefs.

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      Ok thank you. I actually had that much, but it's difficult to fill 10 pages with roughly that amount of information! All the sites I checked just give those same points

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      the journal isnt so bad as it is worth 20% of junior cert. that leaves you with 80% just for the actual exam and it is hard to get your full 80% on ur jc so if you only got 60% and you got ur full 20% on your journal work it raises your grade by a lot so it is worth the trouble.

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      Brendan O' Brien

      Christians make the sign of the cross when they bless themselves. It symbolises their belief in the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is used by Christians as a part of worship and influences their way of life. The cross is used as an aid to prayer for Christians and symbolises the centrality of Jesus to their faith. It forms part of religious objects for Christians. For Roman Catholic Christians the cross forms part of rosary beads for instance.Throughout the history of Christianity the cross has been used in the design of Christian places of worship. One example is the cruciform shape that Christian churches are built in. Of course it symbolises ritual in a significant way. The ritual of the adoration of the cross in the Roman Catholic Good Friday Liturgy symbolises the suffering of the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ. It also symbolises the victory of good over evil and life after death, one of the central beliefs of Christians. Another ritual the cross symbolises is that of the Stations of the Cross which recall the arrest, trial, death and resurrection of Jesus. In praying before the cross Christians are reminded of what they believe and what their creed is. The cross symbolises for Christian communities of faith, particularly the different Christian denominations what they share in common. It can also symbolise leadership and authority in the Christian churches. For example the cross is worn by leaders in the Roman Catholic Church and Anglican Communion such as the Pope, archbishops and Bishops. It symbolises that these leaders are recognised as the successors of the early church leaders such as the Apostles. As a contrast to its specific religious symbolism, the cross is used by other organisations such as the Red Cross to symbolise aid, health care and assistance to people in need. The cross is used by Christians for many different functions and one such function is to mark out or recognise laces of religious significance or sacredness, such places are graves, pilgrimage sites, churches, prayer spaces, etc. Not only does the cross symbolise these significant places but also symbolises times of significance such as the celebration of the sacraments and feast-days. For Christians in some countries the cross symbolises their Christian heritage as the cross appears on the flag of some countries such as Malta and the Vatican and Switzerland.

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      Brendan O' Brien

      Apologies for the typos in the earlier post.....

      Capital 'A' in Archbishops.

      Places of religious significance not laces.....

      It won't fill 10 pages so I suggest you interview Christians from different denominations to get an understanding of what the cross symbolises for them.

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      I am finding it hard to answer my journal title "an analysis of the way that the inspiring vision of a community of faith is expressed by a community of faith in Ireland today" question is has anyone else completed the title and if so how did u approach it?? I chose to cover the society of st. Vincent de paul and how the vision of Frederick Ozanam is expressed but I am afraid I'm not doing it right.

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