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    MOCKS!! Clodaghxox

    does any one know what I should learn for Q5: the long question..its whats making me do bad??

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      11ND - CCM

      I don't have much to help in terms of religion. It's probably my worst subject because we have a teacher no one listens to. But that said I am able to do exam questions well enough. I think you should try to revise 2/3 sections of the course really well and then 2 more quite well. It's really not going to happen for the mocks so just pick whichever section you feel most comfortable answering.. Foundations of Christianity is always an easy section because chances are you have a background from primary school, also morality is common sense enough. How ever the nice title for morality probably won't come up this year but it's till a very do-able question for section 5. Section 1 is also a largely simple question and finally section 4 Is the other nicer one: world views I think. My main problem with religion is timing, 2 hours for all that writing? Not fair.. But I think for question 5 either the first, second or fifth are the most accessible in terms of marks.

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      thank you :) im going to learn 3 sections really well..and hopefully ill do good:)

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