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    Religion kiernan.beth

    What should I concentrate on for religion? I am looking over section b and am looking over a religious organisation. Anthing else you think is important?

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      I would recommend you focus more on the sections that give the most marks, Like section 4, that is worth 200 marks of the overall 400. That is a guaranteed 50% if you can ace that question. Good luck :-)

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      oleg kuvsincikov

      focus on sections 4 and 5. For short questions best way to study is to do them.Pictures are easy just do all 4 (short questions also do as many as you can)

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      I actually meant book wise rather than paper

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      Prepare one or two really good essays.

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      Unless you want to be a priest or a minister or such, I wouldn't worry about it

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      Here this website might help

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      Agreeing with danuthemanu

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