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    Islam essay!! aisling.murphy.988

    Can someone please tell me why Muslims celebrate eid ul fitr today? (2014)

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      Speak Americanish

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      i wrote about isis on my mock and got no marks

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      Thats just like asking a Christian why we celebrate Christmas

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      It's basically the same reason as they celebrated it in the first place.

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      Aisling.murphy988 you can ask me cause I am a Muslim. We celebrate eid ul fitr because after Ramadhan Allah gives a gift during this time and that is why we celebrate Eid ul Fitr

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      Name why would you write about ISIS was it asked to write about something or............

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      Dabomba7 I think the essay title was something like why do people from said religion work for peace and justice.I basically wrote about how a small minority of muslims (isis) are giving the majority of good muslims a bad name and thats why they should work harder for a positive image.

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      thanks DaBomba7

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      You must have been deducted for inaccurate information

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      Aisling, Eid uf fitr is a day of celebration which muslims celebrate after the month of fasting. So when the fasting period called "ramadhan" is over, muslims celebrate this day.

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      Eamon T

      the only way to do well in an essay bout muslims the only way is to call them all terrorists and foriegners. The marking scheme will back you up.

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      @Eamon T Too right.

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      Basically it's to celebrate the ending of Ramadan and the night of power and excellence, when Muhammad had the vision and the Angel Gabriel came to him and told him he was chosen as a prophet of Allah, he began to receive the words which would later be written and formed as the sacred text, Quran. It's quite a big time in the islamic year and most muslims across the world celebrate for completing the month of fasting.

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      hope you EH458 know all about catholicism, and other religions like the way I have to learn about yours!

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