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    Journal work Deirdre Gall

    Our teacher chose our title and my class is all doing the same topic for our journal work. The title is "an analysis of the way that the inspiring vision of a community of faith is expressed by a religious organisation in Ireland today". Our teacher just told us to just do a project on the Sister's of St. Jospeh of Cluny, a religious order that have a convent in Dublin. We are not including anything about the inspiring vision, which is what the title says. Will we lose marks and are we doing it incorrectly ?

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      Always stick to what the title asks, you should focus on the inspiring vision part too.

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      ask your teacher if you can do L'arche or Hospice care, or SVP. Please reply, and I can give you notes if you need them

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      Deirdre Gall

      Thank you, but our teacher insists on us doing what she told us, so I don't think I would be allowed to do another topic :(

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      Explain to her or him, what you think and maybe they will change their mind

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      There is a list of titles to choose from given to the teachers from the department of education, its not fair of her to insist you all do the same thing, the whole point about doing rE is that you get to find out about other religions.

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