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EA01 Junior Cert SPHE — 18/10/16 5

The asti have planned a strike on these following days - Thursday 27th October - Tuesday 8th November - Wednesday 16th November - Thursday 24th November - Tuesday 29th November - Tuesday 6th December - Wednesday 7th December What do yall think about this and how much do you guys think teachers should be paid ?

eoghan_15 — 16/10/16
Is this for all schools?
EA01 — 16/10/16
Well I think so
A-123St — 17/10/16
No, if most of your school's teachers belong to TUI (a different trade union), your school will most likely be open on those days. ASTI have more members than TUI though, and TUI is a trade union for third-level teachers/lecturers as well, so I think the majority of secondary schools will be affected by the strikes. Easiest way to find out is by asking one of your teachers.
EA01 — 18/10/16
most of my school's teachers belong to the ASTI . i hope it goes on !
A-123St — 18/10/16
Ahahah so are mine, bad for us in the long run but I'm not about to complain about a few days off either.
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