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    Study Ideas Stargirl

    Tips for studying habitats at home .

    During school days and holidays especially for JC.

    Any tips for studying all subjects and write notes ,diagrams, and writing flask cards

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      I summarise my notes because I like things in straight lines down the page but if youre artistic I'd say use diagrams and mind maps and that sort of thing. Regards time do as much as you think you need to do to get what you want to get

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      make a schedule of what you want to do each day. give yourself 45 minute study sessions and 15 minutes break afterwards at the end of the day right down what you were successful with and what you werent e.g today i finished one chapter of history but only half a chapter of maths.

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      sorry.... i thought you meant habits......

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      Sorry, i spelt it wrong, it was meant to be habits, and thanks for the advice

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