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    What Subjects are easy to get high marks ? Stargirl

    What subjects are easy to get high marks , and which subjects are hard to get hard mark ?

    Also, how should I study for the harder subjects?

    What kind of marks should I be aiming for the different subjects ??

    Thanks for any advice !

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      depending on level

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      Geography is just learning off essays, same as history so if youre dedicated to that kind of work then youll do very well in these subjects

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      History definitely

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      History is ridiculously easy to predict. You can cut down the workload by half by picking to do Q6 C and D so you're not doing everything in bits and you can focus on specific ones to get the marks!!!

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      ok, thanks

      I was just wondering

      anyway, i get good marks in geography and in history

      Im trying to aim for A and B

      Is that an ok mark, or should I aim both subjects to an A grade

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      Aim for A's because if you aim for a B you'll be guaranteed a B.

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      Farmer Maloney

      Religion is fairly easy

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      essay kind of subjects like religion history , and if u like music its nice to pick and subjects like biology chemistry applied maths physics buisness accounting constructions , technology enginering spanish frenceh are much much harder to get high marks in so these are the hardest leaving cert subjests it require way more logic and yhinking critical thinking the other ones is more practice than logical thinking the other ones are much easier to get high marks in so think wisely with your subject choices

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      Physics is very easy and straight forward. Nearly a guaranteed A grade..

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      chemistry biology technology are hard to get high constructions enginerring buisness applied maths home ec those kind of subjects are the hardest subjects to get high marks in and the other ones history religion ones along these lines are well easier takes practice and thinking of it as a story as if u can link it up relevant to the question with an good intro and conclusion then u will get get high marks i promise to u these one s are the easiest lc subjects . it depends on what u like and are interested in to know howd youd do at the worst exam of all time u know lc

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      to study for the harder ones i would say ask someone to explain and watch videos tackle on notes and aim high for those t4 subjects and science

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