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    Experiments for 2015 VampireBlue1234

    hey guys. Does anyone have any tips on the written work for the booklet.This is the experiment. Chemistry

    Investigate and compare the quantitative effects of changing (a) metal types and (b) fruit/vegetable type on the emf (voltage) produced across two different metals, when the electrolytes take the form of fruits and/or vegetables.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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      if i were you, i would go for the biology one. it is way easier, all you need is two non germinated plants and you could then figure out which one should be photo-tropically germinated.

      hope it helps:)

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      I have to do two and I'm also doing that one. Did u find the chemistry one hard?

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      Hi! I found this site which might help you in the chemistry experiment:

      It's very cool because you are basically generating electricity using a lemon (fruit).

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      The chemistry one was a bit hard for me, but why do you have to do two, you only do one for the junior cert.

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      Actually, you need to do two experiments. If you see a sample booklet for Coursework B on the Internet, you will find out that two investigations have to be done.

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      Thanks guys! Does anyone have any theories around why copar and zinc work well together?

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      Respectfully, what do you mean by "work well together", as an alloy, as a conductor, etc. What?

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      Sorry that wasn't very clear. I meant is it something to do with the adams and ions. I read something about that metals work well with non metals. Copar and aluminum worked well aswell.

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      @VampireBlue copper and zinc are both good conductors of heat and electricity.

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      Can anyone help me with the physics science experiment for 2015?

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      Can anyone help me with the physics science experiment for 2015?

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      Hi brainbox! Here is a site that might help you with physics experiment:

      Hope it helps :)

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      Hi brainbox! Here is a site that might help you with the physics experiment:

      Hope it helps :)

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      Sorry for making those mistakes :(

      This is the website:

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      Hey guys thanks again. Does anyone know why copar and aluminum work well are they also good conductors?

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      Hi! As I've said already, copper (please spell that correctly next time) and zinc are both good conductors of heat and electricity. The reason why they work together is that zinc is more reactive than copper (If you studied the chapter on Metals and Non-Metals, you would have remembered that these four elements are ordered from most reactive to least reactive: Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper). This means zinc loses its electrons faster than copper, and due to this, copper ions are more likely to accept electrons than zinc ions. Therefore, electrons flow from the zinc electrode to the copper electrode, creating an electric current.

      These properties apply to any two elements (or compounds) so long as they have a large enough difference in reactivity. The bigger the difference in reactivity, the larger the electric current will be. This would also work if you're using two of the same element, as long as one of the ions are positively charged and one of the ions are negatively charged.

      One of the elements / compounds doesn't have to conduct electricity (on their own), as long as a metal electrode is present so that the electrons can flow.

      Hope this helps :):)

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      Copper and aluminium will work in the same way. Since aluminium is more reactive, aluminium will be the one that will lose electrons and copper will be the one that will gain electrons.

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      Thank you guys for telling me that you have to do two experiments for the junior cert, i was a bit worried after you told me because i started to look at the experiments before my teachers discussed them with our class. But today i asked my teacher and she said that i have to do two, thank you so much.

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      Thanks so much! Sorry the reason why I spell it as copar is I go to an all irish school and that's what it is. Thanks again!!!!

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      Should copper and zinc have a higher electrical value than aluminium and copper?

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      Hi! I didn't realise you were from an all Irish school. Anyway, aluminium and copper will produce a bigger electric current than zinc and copper. This is because the difference in reactivity is larger between the aluminium and copper than the zinc and copper.

      If you check out this site, you will see the reactivity series (it ranks elements from most reactive to least reactive):

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      @Dazzla16 I cannot thank you enough for this information I thought I had taking down the wrong figure for copper and aluminium but it makes sense now that it was a high figure.

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      Hey guys, you know the way the four most reactive metals in order are calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper, well i have a way to remember this. If you remember this sentence, "Cats Make Zebras Cry", CAts, CA, CAlcium. Make, M, Magnesium. Zebras, Z, Zinc. And finally, Cry, C, Copper.

      Hope this helps.

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      Found this very useful for my experiments. The biology one was ok but the wording of the chemistry one is a bit difficult to understand. Thanks for the tips!

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      can someone please help me find metals that have the same size for the chemistry

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      Just use nails and screws for the chemistry experiment. What i did was i took about two of each metal and put them in small poly pockets and labelled them, this helped me keep them organised and separate so i don't mix them up.

      hope this helps;)

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      is this all for the 2015 junior cert ?

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      does anyone have any suggestions for what to do for Physics?

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      this website is extremely useful for all three!

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      Thanks!!! Anyone need help with anything else??? I've done the chemistry☆

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      @Josey the size of metals does not really matter (as long as it can be placed inside a fruit/vegetable), what matters is the type of metals you'll use. I would recommend using Copper, Zinc, Lead, Steel and Aluminium.

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      Here are some tips for everyone in the Chemistry experiment.

      Some controlled variables you can implement in your experiment are:

      -only changing one metal at a time

      -use the same voltmeter

      -keep the copper constant (since copper is the least reactive out of all the other metals we have mentioned, we can keep it constant. Since copper ions will accept electrons from all the other metals, the voltage produced would only depend on the reactivity level of the other metal used)

      -the distance between the two metals in the fruit/vegetable must always be the same

      -the depth of the metal that is inside the fruit must stay constant

      -the room temperature must stay the same

      Hope this helps :)

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      Does anyone know where I can find sources for the chemistry background research? I need at least 3 it can be books,people or websites !

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      Does anyone know how many different metals I should use for chemistry?

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      I think you need at least 4 metals

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      I am doing my write up for the chemistry and i cant really come up with safety precautions other than wearing a lab coat and safety glasses. Any suggestions.

      Thank you

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      @Noll.os here are some sites you can use to help you in your chemistry experiment research: (I mentioned it already)

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      @ciarac1 you need to use two metals at a time inserted in the fruit/vegetable. The metals you can use are Copper, Zinc, Lead, Steel and Aluminium.

      Read the other posts from this discussion page if you want to know more. I and some other people have been trying our best helping each other out.

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      @hamzamughees there isn't a lot of safety precautions for the chemistry experiment. In the actual experiment, handle the metal nails carefully as it can cause an injury. You can also make sure the voltmeter (I recommend using an analog voltmeter) is safe to use. It's quite a safe experiment comparing to the other mandatory chemistry experiments in any JC Science book.

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      Thank you very much Dazzla16.

      P.S, there is a column in my write up which says 'Conclusions and Evaluation'. What do i have to write in that.

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      In the conclusion, you have to give a general statement of what you found out in the activity. For the chemistry experiment, you may say that it was found that ''some combination of two metals'' produced the least emf (voltage) and ''some combination of two metals'' produced the most voltage across the same fruit. You can also say that ''a certain fruit'' produced the least voltage and ''a certain fruit'' produced the most voltage across the same two metal types. For the words I put in quotation marks, just replace them with the appropriate metal and fruit from your experiment.

      Evaluation is where you look at possible sources of error, refinements, and make statements on how you would do the experiment differently, if you were to do it again.

      Hope it helps hamzamughees :)

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      Thank you very much for making life a million times easier for me. I have now come up with a very good conclusion. Thank you.

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      You're always welcome!

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      @ Dazzla16.

      I'd just like to thank you for helping so many people on this website!! Your just so helpful! If I can ever help you with Irish or anything just ask ! I go to an all irish school and Irish is the one subject that I'm good at, I think you may be great at everything though!

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      This discus page has become so big. There are so many comments.

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      I just really appreciate the help and if anyone wants to ask me anything he is free to ask. Especially in maths.

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      I know right! I never thought when I first made it, that it would help so many people!

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      Thanks VampireBlue1234! By the way, I do OL Irish (I'm not very good at Irish), so it would be great to have someone help me in Irish. Although I am coping fine at the moment!

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      Hi guy's.I'm new here. So I am doing the chemistry experiment and I was wondering which fruits woulda be the best for this.and which metals

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      What is the experiment like?jjust sticking two nails into a fruit and connecting the nails to a voltmeter?

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      @Dazzla your so welcome!!!!! That's okay:] Is there anything in particular you would like help in?

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      Hi Infeero! The fruits/vegetables I would recommend you to use are: orange, lemon, pear, apple and potato. The metals you should use are: copper, zinc, lead, steel, and aluminium.

      For more information, read the other posts in this discussion page. It has almost grown to an encyclopedia!

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      Hi, does anyone know any safety precautions for the biology one??? 😊

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      Hi, does anyone know any safety precautions for the biology one??? 😊

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      Hey, does anybody know how i can connect the crocodile clips to the voltmeter?

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      thank you dazzla. I was wondering, why is the write up paper this damn long?! it asks us two times for the procedures.i know that's the same as the method, but why do they ask us that two times?and what would be the controls in this investigation?

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      Goddammit. this is so confusing. anyone else lost?

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      Hi Infeero! The reason why the procedure is asked twice is that you have to do two separate methods, one for part (a) of the investigation, and one for part (b). For example, in the chemistry experiment, part (a) asks you to investigate the different effects of a change of metal types on the voltage, and part (b) asks you to investigate the different effects of a change of fruit/vegetable type on the voltage. So, for the first procedure you change the metal every time, and for the second procedure you change the fruit or vegetable every time.

      Also, some examples of the fixed/controlled variables are: the distance between the two metals in the fruit, the depth of the metal inside the fruit, room temperature, oxygen levels, the voltmeter used, the mass and volume of fruit, etc. These variables have to be the same every time.

      Furthermore, the control for part (a) is that you keep the copper and the fruit unchanged, while you change the second metal every time. The control for part (b) is that you keep the two metals unchanged, while you change the fruit every time.

      Hope it helps :)

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      Hi grunge00! If you're using crocodile clips (you don't have to) in the experiment, you clip one of the nails with one side of the crocodile clips, and you clip the voltmeter lead with the other side of the crocodile clips. Remember to have the red lead connected to the copper nail, and the black lead connected to the second metal.

      Watch this video to see how an experiment similar to this can be done:

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      Also guys, instead of using steel, use iron. My science teacher decided to use iron nails instead of steel nails since copper, zinc, lead, iron and aluminium are all elements while steel is an alloy. That can be included as another controlled/fixed variable: the metals used must be made out of only one element.

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      Hey Guys...

      For anyone who is doing there chemistry experiment, i would recommend that you also use fruits that are very similar to each other. For example, if you use orange, you should use a tangerine. If you use an apple, then use a pair as well. Even vegetables. If you use a potato, use a sweet potato. If you do this, you will have lots to talk about in the experiment. And basically, that is what you get marks for. Writing allot, and going deep into detail.

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      Hey lads, like hamzamughees said that would be a great idea to use citrus fruits etc. but if you've finished the experiment you could right in the refinements section that you could do that the next so don't worry if you didn't do that if you comment on it in that section you'll be okay!

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      I am just saying this for the people who didn't yet do there experiment, as VampireBlue1234 said, if you already have then write it in the refinements section.

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      Does anyone know why I found nickel silver and zinc to be the best result for the chemistry experiment. I'm really stuck on the conclusion part. Thanks.

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      Sup firepower65

      These metals that you have mentioned are actually one of the best conductors of electricity, especially silver. Silver is the best conductor of electricity.

      hope this helps.

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      Wayy off topic but any good german revison books higher level :))

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      Do you know why acidic fruits work best as electrolytes - regarding the chemistry experiment

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      Also, why did my plum, orange and banana work better than the carrot?

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      Plum, orange and banana have more acidic energy than a carrot.

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      Guys, could anyone please tell me the pH of Baking Soda.

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      Can anyone answer my first question?

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      Electricity could conduct easily through something that has acidic energy. So acidic fruits are good conductors of electricity. Thats why acidic fruits work best as electrolytes.

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      @hamzamughees the pH of baking soda ranges from pH 8 to pH 9. I wonder why you asked.

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      Also hamzamughees, here is a site that gives the pH of a lot of foods:

      This site agrees with your statement, when you said plum, orange and banana have more acidic energy than carrot. In other words, they are more acidic (smaller pH).

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      Thank you Dazzla16 for all this helps, and I asked because I was looking over my coursework A and hadn't got this experiment finnished. I needed the pH of a few substances and that's why I asked.

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      Help im doing the 3rd year chemistry project and i need an explanation why contaminated wires would effect the experiment

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      Contaminated wires will allow a smaller level of current to flow, comparing to a normal wire.

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      Could anyone give me a quick pointer on how to do the Calculations and Data Analysis for the chemistry experiment please?

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      Could anyone give me a quick pointer on how to do the Calculations and Data Analysis part of the chemistry write up? I know you have to calculate (obviously) but I can't really figure out the analysis part

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      This section basically means what happened. Just compare your results to eachother and say which one was the highest and which one was the lowest. And then in the conclusions part you can write down why all this happened.

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      Hill Fort

      Can anyone please give me some tips on the physics coursework 2015 thanks :)

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      Sure... what do you need help with.

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      Hi can anyone give me any information on the background research for the chemistry experiment

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      For the background research, you could mention your book which you used throughout the three years. Make sure to mention the chapter, chapter number and page number. You could mention websites that you found use full. There are a lot of websites mentioned previously on this comments page if you scroll up.

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      hey guys...

      could anyone tell me at least 5 tasks that should be carried out during the physics experiment.

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      hola mi amigos. Que pasa? so I am doing the bio experiment. watcha got on that?

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      anyone play clash of clans?

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      has anyone ever gotten full 25% on these investigations?

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      what are the graphs or charts suppose to be like for the physics part?

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      Hey Gary! You can draw two bar charts on the graph page, one for part (a) of the investigation, and another for part (b) of the investigation. For the bar chart of part (a), put the different material types on the x-axis (horizontal axis) and the decibels on the y-axis (vertical axis). For the bar chart of part (b), put the material and its different thicknesses on the x-axis (horizontal axis) and the decibels on the y-axis (vertical axis). You can also include the control of the investigation on both bar charts, where there is no material to insulate the sound.

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      @Dazzla16 + Garyson

      My teacher has told me not to draw a bar chart for the chemistry one, she told me to draw a line plot. In which there are different lines drawn for each material on the one graph. Something that looks like this...

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      Wait... I shared a file with you guys.

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      Does angone know if metals are better conductors in the fruit If they are unreactive on the activity series? Because I tested silver with galvanised steel and it was well higher than all others. I need to know this for my evaluation

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      Hey hamzamughees! Here are possible tasks that can be carried out during the physics investigation:

      -We need to get a device that makes sound

      -We need to get a device that measures sound

      -We need to get different materials

      -We need to tabulate/graph data

      -We need to repeat for other materials

      -We need to repeat for other material thickness

      Remember: it is not a precise procedure, it is meant to be vague.

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      @hamzamughees I guess our Science teachers have different ideas. I see nothing wrong with your idea, but I'll stick to mine. If you can, share the file that you wanted to show me and Garyson.

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      Hi Tara2k15! It's not exactly about how reactive one or both metals are. It's about their difference in reactivity. The bigger the difference in reactivity, the larger the electric current will be. In the reactivity series, silver is not very reactive. Iron (which is the closest thing to galvanised steel) is much more reactive than silver. Since they have a big difference in reactivity, they will produce a lot of voltage.

      Hope that helps :)

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      Thank you dazzla16,my science teacher is of no help👎

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      @Tara2k15 Really? That's a shame.

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      @Infeero Here are 3 sites that can help you in the biology investigation:'s%20Guide/2.%20Effects%20of%20color%20on%20plant%20growth%20TE.pdf

      Hope that helps :)

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      @Infeero copy and paste the whole link of the second site that I gave you. For some reason, the hyperlink did not highlight the whole link.

      By the way, this discussion page has grown so much! This is the 100th reply.

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      Hey Guys:] Congratulations to everyone who helped answer my question and who have helped develop this page to what is now over 100 replies!

      @Dazzla 16 still waiting for you to tell me what you'd like me to help you with for Irish:]

      Thanks and congrats again!

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      Hi VampireBlue1234! In OL Irish, there is a section on Alt/Cuntas in which we have to write a story based on the given pictures. I wouldn't mind receiving some vocabulary about going on holidays, going on school tours and sporting events. Please don't make the sentences too complicated! Also, I would like to know some verbs in the aimsir chaite.

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      Hi I found this site really helpful for my chemistry experiment but I'm looking for some physics websites. Any suggestions?

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      Does anyone know any sites for the physics experiment ??

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      Hi emer.boland.92 and srpgd! Here are 3 sites that can help you in the physics investigation:

      Hope that helps :)

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      Thanks Dazzla16 for the tasks...

      I understand that our teachers have different ideas... i was just wondering that why my teacher stopped me from drawing a bar graph.

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      Hey srpgd

      here is a site that has already been mentioned in this page but for some reason I can't click into it, it will help you a lot with the physics and the chemistry experiment.

      hope this helps

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      thanx hamzamughees and dazzla 16

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      Hey can someone give me safety precautions for chemistry

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      Hi Hannah! Here are some safety precautions for the chemistry investigation:

      Handle the nails carefully, as it might cause an injury. Wear goggles, a lab coat, and gloves to protect your body from potential danger in the experiment. Ensure the voltmeter is safe to use. Handle the fruits/vegetables carefully.

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      Always remember to give a reason for each and every precaution you mention. You will loose marks if you don't.

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      This is the type of graph I was talking about.

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      I am trying to share a file with you guys but it is not working.

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      Does anyone know why the voltage varied from fruit to fruit

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      Different fruits have different levels of acidic energy which allows electricity to pass through the fruit, that is why the voltage varied from fruit to fruit.

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      Can anyone help me with the statement/identification of the problem/topic to be investigated for the chemistry experiment thanks

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      Does anyone know what to say for Analysis part i) ??

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      For the physics one does the worst material have a high or low density

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      Hey guys! For the physics one the wood was the best insulator why is this?

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      Alri lads😄 I am doing the conclusion for the physics one and I don't really know what to say. Styrofoam was the worst insulator and cotton wool was the best insulator. Would anyone be able to give reasons why I got these results?

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      Whoever answers gets to come out with me for a cheeky nandos with the lads ;-)

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      soft materials like cotton wool absorb sound

    124. avatar image


      @firepower65 styrofoam is a plastic and therefore made up of many monomers this could be a reason for much sound getting through?? i'm not exactly sure it could just be that its very light

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      does anyone know how the electro chemical series works?? my science teacher told me to look it up but so far the internet has been of no help!

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      mr.kipley @firepower65 this should help

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      Third Years taking over the discussions!! :) I can't belive the JC is soo soon #dreadingit Btw thanks for all the help lads and gals!

      @Dazzla16 come August I'm expecting a big fat A on you results paper!

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      @Christy I hope you achieve such success as well #noworriesatall.

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      @sisi in the Statement/identification of the problem/topic to be investigated, you basically have to re-word the title of the investigation. You can re-write the title in your own words.

    130. avatar image


      @ciarac1 in the Analysis part (i) you can write down the calculations, such as calculating an average, that you might have to make during the investigation. You can also mention if there were any problems with the collected data or with the graph.

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      Hi !! Found this post very helpful! I have a few questions if that's ok?!

      •for the background research is it best to list the sources of info (like just the website names or book names etc) or give strucured sentences like "I researched ... On this website..."

      •what is the difference between the tasks and procedure when you're writing it up? Like is everything in the tasks section repeated again at some point in the procedure?

      •you were saying that how the procedure is plot into two parts, one for part a and the other for part b. I just kinda merged it all together? Like even though i only changed one thing at a time it was still one experiment as a whole

      And on one of the graph pages I put my data tables and on the other I put my graph?

      •for chemistry I worked out the density values for my fruit and veg so that I could comment if the density and the acidity of the fruit or veg played a part in how good it was. Should I include the process of finding the density, should I put it in tasks/procedure/diagram..?

      I can change any of the details because I haven't written it up in the real booklet yet

      Thank you so much!

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      Hi guys my science teacher has been out for the past week and I don't know how to do the graph for the physics (line graph?)or I don't know what the conclusion should be please help

    133. avatar image


      And I can't write up anything in my booklet because he has them I'm screwed HELP

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      Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) FINALLY DONE MY FUCKING PROJECT!!!!!!!!! MOST STRESSFULL THING I HAV EVER DONE!!!!!!!!!THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ON THIS:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) GOOODBYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Hi Studybuddyjc123! I will try and answer all your questions as best as I can.

      • It is better to have structured sentences and mentioning what you found out in the website. You need to make a good prediction as well based on what you researched.

      • The tasks is where you mention what you will be doing, not how you will do it. Basically, the tasks are written like the procedure but rather more vague. You do not mention any specific details such as measurements or actions, just mention briefly what you need to do in the experiment. "We need to get..." and "We need to record the data and illustrate in a graph" are examples of what you can say for the tasks. The procedure is more detailed than the tasks. You have to mention every action you took in order to carry out the experiment. Mention any measurements you had to take during the experiment.

      • It is better to put the procedure of part (a) of the investigation on the first section of the procedure, and to put the procedure of part (b) of the investigation on the second section of the procedure, rather than merging them all together. I know you will have parts of (b) repeated from (a), but it is better not to merge it, so that you get more opportunity to score marks in that section.

      • You have to put your tables of data on the lined page given on the Recorded Data / Observations section. You have to put your graphs on the graph pages. You can use the extra graph page if you ran out of space for drawing your graph on the first graph page.

      • You may mention that you will be measuring the densities of the fruit and vegetables in the task section. You may put your density values on the recorded data page and mention how you measured the density in the procedure. You can put in how the density affects the result of the experiment in the conclusion section.

      You're welcome!

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      hi for the physics experiment what would i write for safety precautions as there really isnt any with the sound experiment

    137. avatar image


      Say there was background noise and it effected ur results :-)

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      @sisi for the graph of part (a) of the investigation, it is suggested that you must do a bar chart. For the graph of part (b) of the investigation, it is preferable to do a line graph.

      The conclusion depends on what property of the materials you measured in addition to their ability to insulate sound. If you measured each of their densities, and it turned out that the most dense material insulated the most sound, then there is your conclusion. That's only if you measured the density. You may also consider mass, conductors or physical property and see whether they affect the result of the experiment. For example, there may be heavy materials such as metal that actually conduct sound. You may want to conclude that metals are bad sound insulators and some other group of materials are good sound insulators. Maybe there is a link between materials that are good insulators of heat and electricity, and materials that are good insulators of sound. The thing is, you have to find all these out by yourself if you want to. I personally don't know whether anything I have said is true or not. That's why I used the words "may" and "maybe" in my post, as I am not 100% certain of the conclusion myself.

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      Thanks so much Dazzla16!

      Would you think that having separate graphs for the chemistry would be better then? Or just have the results from both parts coming together so it's easier to analyse?

      I'm so sorry to keep asking questions! This page is such a great help. Thanks so much for the help!

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      @Studybuddyjc123 I would suggest making two separate graphs, one for part (a) and one for part (b). Label their axes and assign the graphs a letter (one is graph A and the other is graph B). Then, for the Calculations / Data Analysis section you can say "See graph A for the data collected for part (a) of the investigation, and so on. That way, it is better for the examiner to analyse and correct your work.

      By the way, don't worry about asking questions. I like answering them!

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      @Studybuddyjc123 I would suggest making two separate graphs, one for part (a) and one for part (b). Label their axes and assign the graphs a letter (one is graph A and the other is graph B). Then, for the Calculations / Data Analysis section you can say "See graph A for the data collected for part (a) of the investigation", and so on. That way, it is better for the examiner to analyse and correct your work.

      By the way, don't worry about asking questions. I like answering them!

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      @firepower65 Congratulations! Go a bit easy there. You still have your Junior Cert to do, so concentrate on that.

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      @RazzleDazzle you can say in the Safety Precaution section that you need to wear ear protection throughout the experiment, as exposure to loud sounds can damage your ears. You can also handle carefully any fragile materials you are using, to prevent them from damaging and causing an injury. You can say wear a lab coat, goggles and gloves in case if there were complications or dangers in the experiment.

    145. avatar image


      I was read back on the previous comments and I notcied that you said to not change one of the metals

      In my experiment I used iron, copper and aluminium and used them all with each other (as well as with themselves to show there was no voltage)

      Is this wrong?

    146. avatar image


      Oh and in the calculations section should you explain what calculations you did eg finding averages or simply compare results to say by how much one material was better than another

    147. avatar image


      @Studybuddyjc123 What I meant was you have to keep one metal constant while changing the other metals for part (a). This is because you want to know how much voltage each individual metal produces when they act as the negative terminal. You would therefore need one metal to be constant (the positive terminal), so that the changing of the second metal will be the only factor that affects the voltage produced.

      For example let's say you got a certain voltage when you used zinc and lead, and then you got more voltage than that when you used iron and copper. You cannot conclude that copper is better at allowing electrons to flow than zinc, because the second metals were different in each case.

      I hope you understand what I mean. I'll give you some examples of metals, the figures, results and conclusions if you don't yet understand.

    148. avatar image


      @Studybuddyjc123 (for your other question) you can write both of them in the Calculations / Data Analysis section.

    149. avatar image


      so to clarify

      for part a) i have my orange and iron, i then test the zinc, lead and iron itself with it

      (do i repeat this with any other fruits/veg at this stage?... is this right?)

      for part b) i have my iron and zinc, i test these with my orange, lemon, carrot and onion

    150. avatar image


      @Studybuddyjc123 For part (a) you can keep the orange and the lead constant. Then the second metal would be iron, and then change it to zinc. Although you do only have 3 metals, which is few. Four or five should be sufficient.

      Part (b) you have it spot on.

    151. avatar image


      Thanks a mil Youve been such great help! Ive been so confused about this for ages, first time ive seen the light!

    152. avatar image


      Physics Project

      Investigate and compare the quantitative effects of changing (a) 

      material type and (b) material thickness on the level of sound 

      insulation provided by a range of materials.

    153. avatar image


      does anyone know what are the complusory variable is

    154. avatar image


      for the physics experiment

    155. avatar image


      has anyone used a book for the chemistry and physics experiment

    156. avatar image


      Oh you know how you were saying part a to keep the fruit or vegetable constant and one of the metals constant, and then change the other metal

      Should you repeat it having a different metal as a constant, so that each possible metal combination is investigated?

    157. avatar image


      Can anyone please help menin explaining why an apple produced the most voltage in part (b) of the chemistry experiment?

      P.S. I dont think its anything to do with its acidity, because it produced a higher voltage than a tomato and an orange. Possinly something to do with its density...?


    158. avatar image


      Hi @dazzla16, i was so stressed about this project as we had a substitute teacher who didn't explain it well at all and i'd just like to say thank you so much for all the time you've spent helping people out.Reading through this discussion page has helped me immensely and i'm so grateful for this help!Thanks again,

      Ingo :)

    159. avatar image


      Hi, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to explain to me why in my physics experiment for part B) I found that an apple was the best fruit out of an orange a lemon and a banana for producing the most voltage even though I thought that the lemon would be due to it being the most acidic. So would anyone know why an apple was the best? Thanks.

    160. avatar image


      Holly I believe you mean the biology experiment not physics

    161. avatar image


      Dazzla, what school dyu go to? Voy a drimnagh castle sec

    162. avatar image


      Could you post your science junior cert result onto this page?pls? ill post mine. soooooooo,how many subjects dyu do HL in?

    163. avatar image


      @arooney56 these are the compulsory variables (variables that must definitely be present) for the physics experiment:

      - decibel measured (dependent variable)

      - (part (a)) material type and (part (b)) material thickness

      I know most (probably all) Coursework B reports have been submitted already, but it's still nice to help someone out, even if it's not relevant anymore.

    164. avatar image


      @Studybuddyjc123 no. Having only one metal constant for part (a) of the investigation should be enough.

    165. avatar image


      @Ingo your welcome! It's a pleasure seeing how I've helped others out.

    166. avatar image


      @Infeero I go to St. Patrick's Classical School in Navan, Co. Meath.

      Also in my mock exams (I'm still doing my Junior Cert, in case you didn't known) I got 96% (A) in Science (you asked, so it's not bragging!!!). I do HL in every subject except for Irish.

    167. avatar image


      @Infeero I go to St. Patrick's Classical School in Navan, Co. Meath.

      Also in my mock exams (I'm still doing my Junior Cert, in case you didn't know) I got 96% (A) in Science (you asked, so it's not bragging!!!). I do HL in every subject except for Irish.

    168. avatar image


      Hey Guys...

      I would like to say Thank you to all the students and maybe teachers, who have helped many students with the coursework b of 2015, believe me whenever I was stuck on anything I would come over to this comments page and either comment and ask, or read over the comments. I would also like to say its a pleasure helping the ones who were stuck and I helped, as you could see, there are many comments written by me on the top half of this page........ not bragging here, just saying...... Finally all of us, or at least most of us have finished our coursework b. and now all of us have a big exam, aka, Junior Certificate, coming up. So LETS GET STUDYING!!!!!!!!!!

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      Informative comments - Speaking of which , if someone is wanting a IRS 1040 - Schedule E , my business filled out and esigned a sample document here

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      Informative comments - Speaking of which , if someone is wanting a IRS 1040 - Schedule E , my business filled out and esigned a sample document here

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