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    Is doing exam papers for science the way to get an A in the junior cert? Clarice1208

    I Want to do really well in the Jc, as i usually get Cs and Ds and i find it really hard to concentrate on reading the textbook so should i just keep doing exam papers from 9 years back?

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      bear in mind the experiment work book and project give you 35% before entering the exam so that should boost grades & also I do papers aswel but make sure you know all the material :)

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      im in jc now and since I got my exam papers ive went up a grade I think there great:)

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      Thanks guys:)

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      I think you should get revise wise science its great for notes

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      i used a science revision book for my junior cert and it narrowed every chapter down to 1 page while explaining important definitions and experiments. I really only did exam papers and asked my teacher for mock questions.

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      Thanks:) , was the science revision book the revise wise?Or was it a different kind of book? And is the revise wise book really help? Did you do the papers as well as reading the notes @swallace12

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      Ye it is a book costing 9.95 and I read over 3 chapters a week about 3 times and do exam questions on studyclix :) it's really handy I got an B in my Christmas test :D

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      The exam papers are the best way to study anything. But also make sure to write all the experiments for Coursework A and do a good job on the Coursework B investigations. For Biology, it's important to learn all the organs and their functions. For Physics, it's important to know all the formulas

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      Thanks guys :)

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