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    Questions Donnacarp

    Is there any pattern as to how these questions appear and does anybody know what is likely to appear in each section (biology, chemistry, physics)

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      Unfortunately, no. I've gone through a lot of the latest past papers and there's not really any way to predict the questions. You can't predict which experiments come up either, but make sure to be familiar with most of the experiments, as you could get 0 marks or full marks, depending on how familiar you are with them. Don't leave any sections of the syllabus out when studying. Questions 1, 4 and 7 are all short answer questions so any topics come up here. All the other questions can be about just 1, 2 or 3 topics. Like in questions 2 and 3, one can be based on Plants while the other could be based on Ecology, but Q1 would be based on the entire biology syllabus

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