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    STUDY??? sonia15

    How do people study the experiments???? and in general study for science???

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      hey well when I'm learning experiments I just learn the diagram of it and make sure that I can draw it because if you can do that then you will know all of the apparatus and you will know the steps aswell because you are basically drawing them out. As for science study in general I just read over the text book write out my notes a load of times and learn the experiments. You don't need to know every single detail , just look at past exam papers and see which parts in each chapter have come up a lot in the past and then make sure you know those bits really well.

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      Thank you! hope you get on well in the mocks and jc :)

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      For experiments, just learn how to draw diagrams for them, the equipment required, and a basic description of the method and results of the experiment

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      for me, science is easy. i figure that you if you concentrate in school when the teacher is explaining, do your homework in the same way, i think that its nearly impossible to forget!!!!!

      another easy tip isn't really mind maps, but something sort of the same.

      lets just say your studying the test to see if CO 2 is present in air. All you really have to remember is that it turns limewater from clear to milky.

      science would be one of my strongest subjects out of 9, so you can trust me... :-)

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      thanks :)

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