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    Science HL Hugostudent

    Can anyone tell me how to study physics and chemistry for JC?

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      keep doing exam questions! its the best way to figure out what topics you don't know :)

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      Do exam questions and try to learn the equations and any definitions. And also know the experiment.

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      For Physics, learn the formulas for density, speed/velocity, acceleration, pressure, work, power and resistance

      Also, do Chemistry and Physics questions from past exam papers. The same types of questions come up very often. Basically, if you learn off every answer from the Marking Scheme for the last few years, you should do well

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      Study up your definitions and only read the content if you want to understand something better. Learn your experiments by watching them on YouTube, it helps because they are usually more exciting. Learn your formulas and use little tricks to remember them such a dads silly triangle for distance, speed, and time. Exam papers are key. Learn a chapter then practice it in the papers. Look up the marking scheme to correct yourself. Drink plenty of water and take a five minute break every half hour or so. Good luck! :)

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      Problem with science for me is all the definitions to learn word for word. Learn to put in the key words, you get marked on them. Big thing to do is check the marking scheme, if you know how you're marked you learn smarter.

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