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    App to help study science Graham90978

    Hi folks,

    Here is an app I designed that pretty much asks questions from the science syllabus for iPhone.

    It might be of some use:

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      Tried this today, its really helpful!

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      Oooh, that's going straight in my basket....

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      if you have the full version of studyclix, go to exam builder and create a test for the science topics that you need to study for. when you make a test you will get your test and the marking scheme for it. Print off your test, and open the marking scheme so you can see it on your computer, take down the answers to your test, and simply learn them off. This is a foolproof way to ace junior cert and leaving cert science subjects since you may find that many teachers use past junior cert exam questions for your weekly, casual tests. it also helps alot with definitions because this "trick" will make sure you will never miss any small but important key word. I hope my trick helps you :)

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      Thanks for the positive feedback guys, people seem to like it! :D

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      Hey guys, just a reminder that the app I made for JC Science can be found here:

      QF Science:

      If anyone wants, there is a free version of the leaving cert version of the app here. Its not questions based on science, but its a very similar layout and idea to test it out:

      QF Biology Lite

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