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    Guys I can't learn them chemical equations so I wrote them on sticky notes and I'll hide them in my pencil case lmao ! I hope I won't get caught 😩

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      I'm desperate ok . Our teacher will put anyone that gets Lower than 70 new ordinary lvl and I wanna stay in higher

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      btw teachers cant drop your level you have to decide that

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      In our school they can lol 😩

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      Lol that's not bad. The guilt will probably eat away at you lol. I'm sure you'll get over it. Just be super careful not to get caught if you are doing it. If you have second thoughts, it's better to try your best without the notes. You actually might not need them and you'll just remember what you wrote down. Try your best tho.

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      It's all well and good doing that now, but you can't do that in the real thing. I suggest try your best in learning them but don't worry too much. You're better losing a few marks than having your whole paper or your whole JC cancelled. Anyway, a whole question on the chemical equations doesn't really come up on the science paper. Maybe ask your teacher for any handy ways of remembering the chemical equations.

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      Also, I'm 100% positive your teacher won't drop you down if you get a C, or even an E.

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      Yeah thanks guys !! I think I'll won't cheat bcus I don't want to get 0% lol ! And there's like 4/5 teachers in the assembly hall so I might have a chance of getting caught lol . I'm just crossing my fingers that those equations won't come up !

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      Junior Participant - I have never gotten a D in science before lol . It's been all E's πŸ˜‚ I hope I'll get a nice D/C tomorrow

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      Are you talking about the JC or summer tests? In the JC oxygen, carbon dioxide, and limestone chemical equations are due to come up this year.

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      The summer test .

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      Ah well don't worry then. Try to learn them but you'll be fine

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      Yea try learn them as much as you can....cheat as a last resort

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      well lads

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      Orlaith Stephens

      hi how are you?

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      John smith234

      Teachers cant drop your level, its completely your choice to stay at the level you feel best. You need to put those teachers in their place because they think they are all mighty but in reality they have limited control over your choices.

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      Guys it's okπŸ˜‚ I couldn't cheat bcus there was this teacher walking down my aisle 😩 I tried my best anyway lol

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      @aoife9766 there's a chemical equation for limestone?! What is it?

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      "Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3)"

      As you should now limestone is commonly known as Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) So it'll be a question what occurs when acid rain falls on limestone. Which you'll simply say it corrodes/erodes. Then they'll probably ask you to write out a balanced chemical equation with an acid of your choice. So simply 2HCl + CaCO3 = CaCl2 + H20 + C02 and you're done :)

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      Thank you:)

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      Not a good idea😁

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      How did the test go?

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      It was difficult lol . I looked at my book at the end of the exam and I noticed I messed up on a lot of questions , I'll tell you what I got when I get my report card

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      Don't worry about it. You've still got a whole year to improve. Have a nice summer!

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      Thanks Aoife, hope you have a great summer too !

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      Hopefully, once I get the JC out of the way!

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      Your in 3rd year right now ? Good luck in your jc then !

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      Yep, thanks!

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