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    Chemistry investigation 2015 Zozosmithy

    Investigate and compare the quantative effects of changing a) metal types and b) fruit/veg types on the voltage produced across two different levels, when the electrolytes take the form of fruits and veg. My teacher said I needed background research for this, what does this mean?

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      Oh I'm doing this experiment as well! You basically have to test different fruits/veg and different metal types to see which one produces a higher voltage level. You could also try typing the experiment into google. You'll probably get loads of help from that.

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      Ok thankyou!!!! 😊

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      I think it might be like what websights and books you used for research

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      Hi Zozosmithy! Here are 2 sites that can help you in the chemistry experiment:

      Also, there are lots of videos you can watch that demonstrates how this experiment can be done. This is just one of them:

      Hope it helps :)

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