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    Course Work A Alex F

    With Course Work only less then 1 week away, I posted notes on all 30 mandatory experiments,

    This is 10 per cent of the overall grade and if All are done correctly, then it's a guaranteed 10 per cent.

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      Alex F

      Looks like I can't send it online here for some reason.

      I can send them via email to anyone who wants them until the notes go online

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      Me plz xx xx

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      Wemi thanks!!!!

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      Alex F

      They are sent now

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      Hi, Can you email them please

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      can you send them to me also thanks

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      Only an absolutely tiny minority of experiment books are actually checked every year, the majority of people are just given 1/3 % for each experiment they tick off to say that they have done, in the Coursework B journal. So realistically, spending the next week writing up thirty experiments is almost definitely going to have been an absolute waste of time, time that could have better been spent studying.

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      How Coursework A is actually marked according to the marking schemes:

      Count the number of mandatory biology/chemistry/physics investigations/experiments claimed on page 5/6/7 of the Coursework booklet and enter it in the Coursework A grid on the cover page.

      Total the number of investigations/experiments claimed and award 2 marks per investigation/experiment to an amount not exceeding maximum 60 marks.

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      danm15 does that mean that nobody gets full marks then even if they've completed all of the coursework investigations/experiments?

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      No, it means anyone who ticks the boxes in the coursework B journal to say they've done all 30 experiments gets full marks for them, regardless of how many they have done, or to what standard, if any

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      Does anyone have the results on "to show the transfer of heat by radiation and that a dull black surface radiates heat better than a bright shiny surface" ? My email is

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