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    Course work B help ballet

    Can someone explain how to do the biology pulse rate

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      You first choose who's gonna exercise throughout the investigation (he's / she's the one who you're gonna measure the pulse rate from). Then you measure the pulse rate with a device (that your school may have) or a pulse rate app on your phone (which may be less accurate than the device) before exercising. You record this pulse rate. Then the person exercises for 1 minute (jump on the spot) and after 1 minute, IMMEDIATELY measure his / her pulse. Record this pulse and then time how long it takes for him / her to get back to the original pulse rate (before exercising). You repeat all this procedure twice (except the rest pulse rate measure) except the exercise time goes up 1 minute each repeat.

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      Thank you

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      Does anyone have any ideas about the Physics one

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      You have to have a retort stand, string, pendulum, two semi-corks (a full cork cut into two halves so you can put the string through the cork when the retort stand holds it). Set the length of the string to a particular length you want with the pendulum at the bottom. Get somebody to be on a stopwatch whilst another is counting 25 oscillations (swings of the pendulum) and another (it can be two people though with one swinging and counting 25 oscillations) swings the pendulum at a straight angle back and forth. You do this another two times (on the same length) then change the length of the string to another particular length you would like to try. Then do the procedure above three times again. You then do one last particular length and follow the procedure three times again - this is much the same for the pendulum mass one - except you also record the mass of the pendulum instead of the length of the string.

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      How do you make sure it swings in a straight line

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      Using your eyes LOL. You have to have a careful person swinging it. If it swings uneven like around and around, it's not a straight line. Think of it like a grandfather clock.

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      Hey what is the difference between data analysis and conclusion

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      Conclusion is when you conclude something. My conclusion for pendulum length was:

      - The length of the time depends on the length of the string.

      Data analysis is where you compare your data with each of your tries.

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      Thanks . I am still on biology

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      can someone give me help please on the conclusion and controls.....

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      Conclusion of which - be more specific please!

      There was no controls in my investigations?

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      Why does the angle of the pendulum have to be below 5 degrees to oscillate correctly?

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      How do you do the chemistry one?

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      anyone have the procedure for the physics investagation

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