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CourseWork A hek !!!!

can someone please tell me do the coursework a booklets or experiment copys get corrected by an official corrector or just your teacher thanks :)

Aimeedonaghey01 — 30/05/16
As far as I'm aware they get sent away to an official corrector
Sarah2014 — 30/05/16
your teacher has to check to see how many experiments you have completed and then she/he writes the number out of 30 into the green booklet. an examiner may check your experiments but sometimes they don't (it depends on the examiner)
aisling2383 — 06/06/16
Your experiment copies stay in the school, and an examiner may or may not come to check them (they probably won't). The Coursework A and B booklet gets sent away and is corrected with your actual exam paper.
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