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    First year experiments Master1415

    hello all, I'll be in third year next year. For coursework A I have all the experiments written out but my first year ones are really messy. My second year ones are pristine. Will they think two different people have filled in the book? The difference is really astounding..

    I'm willing to buy another book and fill in the experiments again if there's a chance I won't get the 10%. Does anyone know how easily it's given out? Do all of the experiments need to be written in the third person or in another specific way? All of my first year experiments are written in the first person, there's some messy tippex in about 2 places..

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      My writing also goes out of the spaces in a few places. It's also fairly obvious that I've gone back and filled information in. In earlier experiments lots of words have been crossed out.

      Should I be ok if I maintain my current super-super-neat standard?

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      To be honest the examiners don't even check in your experiment book as long as you sign off saying you filled in all of the experiments they will give you the 10%

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      you actually get a booklet where at the beginning you tick off the experiments you have done, so it doesnt matter if the appearance is too different. also an examiner can come in during the summer and check if its done correctly. id say your fine, because the fact that you did the experiment is the main thing. possibly for revision, you could write them up, incase it helps you to remember them

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      Thank you!

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      I actually have the same problem but youll

      be grand

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