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    Help, answers? Jack_6934

    I thought I'd do okay in Science but found it quite hard especially biology with is usually easier.

    For the experiments, I did evaporation and boiling the water to remove the hard water and mentioned ion exchange.

    For the point of gravity I did a vase and talked about how stable it was and for the last one with the conductor and insulator I did 4 test tubes with heat. Will I get any marks even though I was wrong?

    Any answers for short questions

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      that would be ok u would get maybe docked one mark because it is meant to be distilaation , point of gravity it was of the piece of card that had to be done , conductor and insulator u had to draw a circuit so u wouldnt get marks for that

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      or u could get full marks depending on the marking scheme for the pur liquid

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      I don't think any of those experiments you named above are right

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      yh the circuit one u did was wrong the point of gravity was wrong and u will get some marks for the evaporation

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