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    HELP !!! HELP!!!! TRIED A PAPER BUT ..... costellocatherine

    Please help me I just did a paper from my papers and I did worse now then I did for my mock . I got a C in my mock but I really want a B if even an A but I seriously doubt I'll get that . Please help ! : /

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      Ignore above please.You cannot cram science now , learn electricity and electronics ecology and food ,separating mixtures and ionic covalent bonding

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      If someone really suggested cheating then they are living a life of lies. Seriously. I'd rather a C that I earned than an A that i cheated for. You'll have to live with that and cheating never helps

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      Yes, ignore that comment as if you get caught, you will get a lot worse than a C. Best thing is to do a mindmap of keyterms and definitions that you may need and draw little pictures beside them to help you remember them. I would agree with the above comment as these tend to come up a lot

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      i really hope the first question was a joke!!!!

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      Thanks so much everyone I only saw that comment now and oh my god are you for real @chemikidz ?

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