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HL Physics
by Liam_4376 Junior Cert Science Revised Syllabus — 24/06/16 10

What did people get for the stairs question?

EH458 — 16/06/16
2000 N metres? Not sure if I did it right
Ciara2000 — 16/06/16
I got 2000 too, but I said Joules for the unit
EH458 — 16/06/16
Oh it was joules sorry
Liam_4376 — 16/06/16
damn i said 200 joules
rwa1 — 17/06/16
U Can say joules or Nm
SryanBruen — 18/06/16
I said 2000 N/m. I knew N/m was wrong but I forgot the unit for work.
ug_roland2504 — 18/06/16
rwa1 N/m is incorrect. N/m is for a different unit. Joules is for energy
Poplop123 — 23/06/16
Oh really? In the mockjs i said it and they marked it right..thats wierd..maybe im wronmg, thanks for letting me know
Poplop123 — 23/06/16
But i said Nm and then i said joules idkj
ug_roland2504 — 24/06/16
N/m is force law of the lever i think
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