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    HORRIBLE Jennifer111

    Who even made the Science paper?!?! Most of the questions were never asked before in the past exam papers! That was one of the worst science tests I've ever done during my 3 years,definitley did even worst in this than my pre's.....its not fair.

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      Same!!! And science is my favourite subject and I studied my butt off for it! But it was still pretty bad... i'm soo annoyed!

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      OMG!!! I was so annoyed I worked so hard at science for a test that was awful and so much for everyone saying" practice past exam papers it the best way to study" - not for science anyway...

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      I know right?! I actually wanted to go onto third level education to study science, but how am I meant to do that now?! I am pretty sure I failed that goddamn paper, and the worst part about it, I got one of the highest results on my mock paper! DX

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      It wasn't bad (for me at least). I'm glad they made a Science paper more challenging than in previous years. I don't know about you guys, but I think the Science exam papers from the past years are a bit too easy. Trust me, I know people from my school and from other schools who think the same way. I suppose our Science exam was trying to separate the people who know Science and the people who understand Science (the point I'm making is that the questions they asked in our Science exam went into a bit more depth than in previous years).

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      I guess we're all different. It must be distressing how some people's hopes have been shattered. I know definitely how that feels.

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      omg @CXonor13!!! I was the exact same in my mocks tooo!! I got the highest result in the whole of third year in my school -98% to be exact so after the actual JC i had such high hopes and i kinda feel like shit!... x(

      Oh and Dazzla yeah i know what you mean! now that I know that the SEC are stepping up their game, its motivated me to think outside the box -cough cough boiling eggs in the sea- when it comes to science , cuz to do medicine in the future is my dream!!! Anyway, i'll just work at it! :) Have a good summer!!! x

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      It's not that bad.

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