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    learning the experiments Rose546

    Okay basically screwed because i dont know many of the science experiments!! I was just too lazy to learn them all this time. All i did was learn the definitions amd diagrams etc. I only know a few experiments and there are so many! Does anyone know a quick way to learn the experiments for the mocks? Im desperate.

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      No 3 from each year, and three from each topic (biology, chemistry, physics) there are loads, adn tehy tend to to want to scare you a bit!

      so just earn three from each year in each topic and you should be good!

      plus: learn them off by heart cause then it makes it easier for you when it comes to having to know the diagrams!

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      Thankyou so much!! Thats actually a great idea😀 the experiments are the worst part of science for me😵 good luck in the mocks!

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      go on and go on jc science; revision and then go on no.6 summary of all mandatory expts n there all summarised but ya you are screwed:1!!!!!!!

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      i just drew the diagrams and wrote some simple notes next to them to help jog my memory

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      They usually ask the non-mandatory experiments as they are shorter than the mandatory ones! :)

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