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    Hi everyone! I am a teacher in St Aidans CM School, I was wondering if someone could send me a file of all the expirements in Physics that have come up in the Past Exam Paper! Thanks and Appreciate it!

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      Studyclix plus account stuck for a few weeks and my science class in need of a Test before Junior Cert! Thanks!!

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      How are you a teacher then if you dont know what experiments have come up in past papers ???

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      Yeah and what exactly do you mean by your account is "stuck"?

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      I mean the Pre Junior Cert Papers , sorry guys but it'll be hard for you guys to understand what exactly has happened to my Account.

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      So guys, what's the story? Is someone able to help me out?

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      I would like someone to File up all the Physic Experiments using Exam Builder and send it to me. I would appreciate if someone kind could do this job for me please. If its a student , i might reward you with a PRIZE which could be anything! (Maybe even cash up to €20! Just someone please help me out here! Thanks

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      Hey, unfortunately you can only use the exam builder to make exams from past papers and not past mock papers.

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      Yes I found that out recently by my friend who is actually teaching second level Education up in Dublin so, what I meant was, I want Experiments from the Physics section from Past Papers. Cheers!

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      So could someone do this job for me? Cheers

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      Surely if you were a "teacher" you'd know what experiments come up though like? You're contradicting yourself

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      Many thanks , I got my Account sorted account!

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