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physics formulas for tomorrow
by clark13 Junior Cert Science Revised Syllabus — 15/06/16 3

i am legitimately going to fail tomorrow. does anyone know the physics formulas you have to know?

adamob544 — 15/06/16
I feel the pain :P the only ones I'm learning are pressure = force x area speed = distance x time power = work / time work = force x distance I donno why I ever picked physics for lc but ah well
JackW — 15/06/16
gettingalla's — 15/06/16
Speed = Distance (m) / Time Taken (s) Measured in m/s Velocity: The distance it travels per unit time in a given direction. Measured in m/s Acceleration = Change in velocity (m/s) / Time taken (s) Measured in m/s/s Density= Mass (g) / Volume (cm3) Measured g/cm3 Work= Force (N) x Distance (M) Measured in J(joules) Power = Work done (J) / Time taken (s) Measured in Watts Weight = Mass (kg) x 10 Measured in N (newtons) Moment (of a force) = Force (N) x Perpendicular distance (m) Measured in Nm (newton metres) Pressure = Force (N) / Area (m2) Measured in Pa (Pascals), N/m2 Voltage = Current (A) x Resistance (Ohms) Measured in V (volts) Current = Voltage (V) / Resistance (Ohms) Measured in A (amps) Resistance = Voltage (V) / Current (A) Measured in Ohms Unit of Electricity = kilowatts x hours Measured in kWh (kilowatt hours) Hope this helps...best of luck tomorrow :-)
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