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    Please help ! everyone come rwa1

    If u cancel an answer in science even though its right and give a wrong answer in its place, do u get marks?

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      and they can clearly see the cancelled answer

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      I don't know I think its if you crossed out the two answers then they give you marks for the right one. this happened to me too with the fulcrum in physics :(

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      are u sure because it says that on the marking scheme, if u cross out ur answer even if its right u dont get marks if u dont write anything after

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      In the case of short-answer questions, if an answer is cancelled and a second answer

      given, the cancellation is accepted and marks are awarded for the uncancelled answer. ?

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      oh seriously? my teacher told me that if you labelled a diagram for example "A" and then crossed it out and said "B" they would mark you wrong if "B" was wrong even if you had "A" beside it crossed out. im not too sure though. if that's what is says in the marking scheme idk tbh sorry

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      kk thanks

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      Bump any more opinions?

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