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Same electrons as flourine?

What did you guys get for the question when it asked what element has the same amount of electrons as flourine????

gra_hutcheson — 16/06/16
I said an isotope of flourine
rwa1 — 16/06/16
Chlorine and bromine
barcelona — 16/06/16
i said an isotope also
XxBritneyxX — 16/06/16
Is chloride and chlorine the same ??? Because they have the same symbol
EH458 — 16/06/16
Chlorine, they both have an outer shell of 7
mathswhiz101 — 16/06/16
any of the halogens
gra_hutcheson — 16/06/16
oh I didnt see the outer shell part thanks guys
Galbraith — 24/09/16
Halogens (Group 7)
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