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    Science investigation helpppp Ciara140600

    investigate and compare the quantitative effect of changing A)material types B)thickness on level of sound insulation please help me what materials to use how to do it helppp plzzz

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      i used bubble wrap,cotton wool,cardboard, plastic chopping board and phone with an alarm and a sound meter on another phone.You cut a hole in the cardboard box and place the phone in the box and place bubble wrap in front of the box.You have to do each item three times and get an average.Then you have to do a control test .

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      What kind of a table did you represent it on??

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      you draw a long table and draw Columns and write in the materials you used and then you draw four columns at the top of the page you write in test 1,test 2,test 3 and average into the top columns. Then when have finished writing in the results you draw four columns at the bottom and write control in the left column and remember to get an average for all three tests

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      What kind of results did u get

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