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    science study aisling31

    I'm finding it literally impossible to study for science, i've been doing exam papers but find myself just using the codes to fill in the answer and at the end of the day I'm in no better position than when I started, are there any tips on how to study science ?

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      Alex F

      Start off with picking nice and easy topics. Don't start with any big, long or complicated chapters. Start with something like Measurement or Living things.

      Say to yourself " I will revise the chapter in 30 minutes" ( Not just reading it)

      Then go and do something else for 5-10 minutes

      When you get back open up the exam papers and do every question. To stop yourself from using the keys, either use a marker and draw a line through it or disconnect your phone from the Internet. It sounds tough but if you want to make it stick, then you will have to look up the answers.

      Then use the book to correct your questions

      That way you can say you Did and can do the chapters, making you less stressed about revision

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