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    Which Topics Should I Study vinbrowne15

    As there are only a few weeks left until the JC i feel there isnt enough time to revise my whole science course in time, what topics do you feel would be best to revise

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      Eamon T

      all of them

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      ^^^ literally one question on each chapter comes up usually, you have to study all of them

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      Go through your science book and make a note of every chapter you find difficult. ( ask yourself, if a question on this came up would I be able to answer? If no, mark that down )

      Read those chapters, answering exam and questions in book.

      If able to answer, leave for a week and come back

      Answer the questions in exam papers and in book again

      If you answer correctly then you should be fine. If not go through again

      Hope this helps ^^

      ( it works for other subjects as well! )

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      Thanks a lot!!! It has helped me over the past few days, Its appreciated.

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