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    How to improve listening spanish CaoimheAnnW

    I get confused on what they are saying on the listening exams, does anyone have any advice?

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      Listen to them still easy enough to do listening just keep practising

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      revise important vocab and practice listenings to get used to the accent!

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      Practice the listening and learn the vocab from the clothes , food chapters and the chapters with the directions and town like sigo todo recto etc

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      only listen the first time without writing anything down. this allows you to absorb all the information and you'll be able to pick up the answers easier. i know it feels weird not writing for the first time they play it but my teacher makes us do it and its really helped. i only got 84/140 in my mocks and this was before she told us this technique. now i'm getting 135/140 most of the time! try it at home to see if you like it first. best of luck!

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      Why don't you get the transcript of the listening and read it first to see if you understand it all (look up any vocab you don't know.) Then listen to the CD a couple of times without the script and you should be able to identify more vocab.

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