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    OPINIONS! ALL COME Poplop123

    Tbh i thought it was a pretty easy exam, and for once i understood what all the comprehensions were and could do all the questions, the listwening was much better than mocks and letter was pretty good

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      Too much stuff though u had to write in the letter

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      Can someone post the listening answers

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      I don't do Spanish or anything but I don't understand why people feel the need to dissect the exam and ask what everyone else got. It's over and done with now and you need to either move onto your next exam or, if you're finished, just enjoy the fact that you're on your holidays and finished the JC for good.

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      Yh i was just looking for their opinions, no hard feelings

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      Im sure we all,including u do , I know nothing can be done, Im glad im done anyways

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      You can ask me questions about the listening and ill tell you what answer I got.

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      What was the first answer for the directions - listening

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      i cant really remember that one as it was a pretty long answer

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      ec2406 you have no right to tell people that. Like I agree with your opinion on saying that the exam is over, you should be enjoying your Summer but at the end of the day, if the student wants to ask others about answers or thoughts on the exam, they have the full right to do so.

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      @SryanBruen actually yes I do have the right to tell people that they shouldn't be dissecting exams. Unlike the LC, what you get in the JC makes no difference to your life whatsoever, so you shouldn't need to be looking for answers to a paper you'll never need again in your life (unlike the mocks). There's nothing wrong, however, with only discussing thoughts on exams because that's their own choice but people posting like a whole threads containing the answers they got isn't doing anybody any favours. Like don't get me wrong, it's a free world at the end of the day and everyone can post what they want, but looking for answers that will be of absolutely no benefit to you in the future is pointless.

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      'Em no you don't. So what if it's not the LC? If they want to do pointless things, let them do pointless things.

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      Em yes I do have the right to advice people. And in LC borderlining an A/B could mean the difference between getting into college, whereas in JC it would mean absolutely nothing. And I'm pretty sure I said that I'm not stopping anybody (obviously) from doing pointless things. But can you give me one benefit/good reason why people in JC should post answers up? Stressing people out over an exam that's over and irrelevant doesn't seem like a good reason.

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      ec2406 its their own choice to give answer. I dont see why it is bothering you. Just focus on your own leaving cert things instead of writing paragraphs in a junior cert thread

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      Thank you ^

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      So true, and what did u get for section c on the listening

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      I said (a) Went different places like coruna and i think it said something like going to the post office

      (b) They are promoting their movie

      (c) I cant really remember this one but it involves doing something on the internet

      Not sure if these are right but it is what I said

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      travel agents not post office

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      @ug_roland2504 actually, I just finished my JC today, so don't tell me what threads I can post on thanks.

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      Anyway, I'm not gonna tell people what to post, but as someone who's just finished the JC it's quite frustrating to have people making a huge deal out of the exams and posting answers that just stress you out if anything. Does anyone actually have a good reason/need for posting answers?

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      Yeah see how well we did (early) (if we can remember our answers) - for impatient people.

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      They don't release the marking schemes until the results so anyone's definition of a right/wrong answer could be different than that shown in the marking scheme. Plus how could a JC exam matter that much to anyone? I mean I'm extremely impatient too but I mean it's the holidays now and results will be out when we're back to school.

      Whatever, I'm not going to argue with people who take the JC so seriously they look for answers after the exams.

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      ye dont argue, cheers. Nobody else is complaining. i still dont understand why you care about sharing answers. Be like me and dont look at the discussions if it frustrates you

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      ec2406 your profile has leaving cert subjects so why are u surprised that i thought u were doing the leaving cert

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      @ug_roland2504 ^^^why are you telling me to not argue when you're the one being provocative and when I'm saying I just want to leave? I just changed my subjects on here to LC today because I felt like it- I guess it's kind of metaphorical in the sense that I can actually move on, unlike people here with the JC and you with the conversation.

      Anyway, sorry if I came across as harsh- I'm just stating the facts about how dissecting exams doesn't do anybody here any favours. Slán

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      Yeah you came across as harsh in my eyes but now I see that you're just trying to advise which is fine. Slán

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      Please leave, if all ur want to do is start trouble, Idc i want to see , to pick my levels for Lc, I have to do it early, And if u want to do higher level in my school u have to get an A or a B , so that is the reason i want answers,cause i wanna do Hl

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      Can you also please post section D answers for the listening, sorry to bother u

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