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    Techincal Graphics *Katie*

    I have no idea how to do this subject at all my teacher dose not seem to like me at all,not just saying that he always blanks me when i ask a question in class,any advice on how to pass a Techincal Graphics pass paper? :)

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      what are you stuck on? :)

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      remember you get marks for everything you put down so always try and dont give up! :)

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      I am stuck on everything to do with the subject:p,thanks for the advice Liam i will try that:)

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      Are you ordinary or higher level?

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      Ordinary level

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      Brid Leonard

      Maybe look through the papers and see if you can answer the first part of each question ,that's where the most marks are given .Dont worry about tangents just find out how to get the main parts right

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      you and me the same bro ... were both screwed

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