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    Layouts for Questions? JuniorParticipant

    I'm familiar with the layout of the paper, aswell as each question on it, but sometimes it's hard to tell where the correct answer is supposed to go, like where the end view and elevation each go and how to know where. Also the rotation layout is confusing.

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      If the arrow is pointing to the left, but is on the right side of the question, draw the end view or elevation on that side and do the opposite for the other way. Also for rotation if it says anticlockwise, just rotate your compass to the left and for clockwise rotate it to the right. For the triangle method whatever way you rotate your compass, the angle at what the question is asking you should be on the opposite side

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      Thank you. I didn't get that last part with the triangle. Could you please explain it again? :) sorry.

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      The triangle method is whatever the angle they ask you for example 70°, take that away from 180 and divide that by 2 to get the angle you should draw from both points to form a triangle and than you can swing your compass from one side to another with ease

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      Oh I see. I thought you were talking about the axonometric projection. Thanks.

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