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Technical Graphics Grinds.
lukebrn Junior Cert Technical Graphics — 31/08/17 9

Starting engineering in September and I am available to give grinds in Tech Graphics. I have a full plan of each grinds session, I will give monthly tests to evaluate your progress and I have notes on every topic that I created myself over two years which summarise the subject, making it easier to comprehend. I also have exam answers for every question in the papers and can answer any other questions you have. Grinds cost €15/hour in my house and €20/hour if I have to travel to you (anywhere in Dublin.). Comment if you want grinds and I can give you my details

michael.ryan.712714 — 24/07/16
Hi do you give DCG grinds?
lukebrn — 24/07/16
I can if you need yes I have A1 notes.
mcclave — 02/08/16
Hi, i see you are a grinds teacher. I run, manage and own a website www.leavingcertnotes.com (currently under reconstruction) we get up to 350 visiors a day visit out site. I am beginging a new sectoion on out site for grinds teacher to advertise their services. Please let me know if intereted Tom McClave Owner Leaving Cert Notes
lukebrn — 02/08/16
That'd be great! How do I get involved?
mcclave — 02/08/16
can you email me mcclavetom@gmail.com
margaret123 — 13/09/16
Daughter in second year. so far no mention of getting a tech graph book. Please advise a suitable one that anyone could recommend. Teacher very lazy.
Sk2529 — 07/11/16
hi just looking for some advice. This is my 3rd year doing t.g and i never really was good at it and just hoped i would get better. Unfortunately coming up to christmas exam time i still suck. According to my teacher i know how to do everything its just knowing what im meant to be seeing and aspects im meant to be putting in my drawings and im not. Other than practice i was just wondering do you have any other advice for me on how to improve my visual defieciency
carmelgall — 14/07/17
Looking for someone to give technical graphics grinds to my son who changed from Art to TG in April of 1st year so needs to catch up before 2nd year starts in Sep. We are based in south county dublin. thanks
drumnighkyler — 31/08/17
Hi - I am starting Tech Graphics in 2nd (missed 1st year). Are you available to help me catch up? Kyle
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