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    Type of pencil studentkidz

    What's the best type of pencil to use for tech graph?

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      2H and H I would say have both

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      2H for light lines and i use 5B for heavy lines

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      we were told 4H for constructions, and 2H for filling lines in. i wouldn't recommend B pencils, as they appear grainy and smudge a lot. i'm not sure it matters that much, once it is clear and (as much as possible) correct.

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      5b for construction lines always and a 5h for heavy lines

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      I use 6H for construction lines then a HB for heavying, Dont use the 5B 0R 6B pencils. they abuloutly suck and will ruin your drawings.

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      6H and HB. Dont use the B pencils, They are garbage and they will ruin your drawings.

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      Jack Christian

      2H or nothing fam

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      2H for heavy lines to make them heavy but still neat to get marks. 3H for construction. Light enough to still be seen.

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      I use a 3H for light lines and a H for normal ones, if you want to go over something heavily I suggest an F, it's halfway between a HB and a H, and it's buildable - not to dark or light. Don't use B pencils for TG, they will smudge and ruin the whole thing!

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      I use 5h and 2b

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      You can use any pencil but I use a 4H for construction lines and a H for finished lines. You can use whatever pencil you think is best.

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