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Am i safe enough only learning cash&production budgets for section 3??
aimer Leaving Cert Accounting — 20/06/16 7

I only know cash& production budgets for Q9, I've left out the Q8 as I don't understand it. I don't understand flexible budgeting either, am I safe?

Lc8/6/16 — 19/06/16
Cash budgets came up last year though
Gaoth — 19/06/16
I'd learn the mixed one as well like 2013 that has a chance of coming up as well
conorgildea — 19/06/16
This may sound very silly but do the mixed accounts vary much from the 2013 one? Are they all nearly the same format?
aimer — 19/06/16
Thanks! So I'll be ok not learning the flexible budgets that can up in 2006 & 2003??
aimeegoodwin — 19/06/16
most of the time its been cash cash production, so cash could very likely come up
Tom5901 — 19/06/16
I'm telling you it will be the mixed cash budget
Roisin Hayden — 20/06/16
Mixed definitely
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