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    Company and cash KL2016

    Is anyone not doing company final accounts and cash budgets as they came up last year? Our teacher thinks we are safe without them.

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      I would still learn Cash Budget. It has happened that it mixed with production and it can also happen that they may appear twice in a row. There are only three topics possible to be asked in Q9 which is Cash, Production or Flexible, that's good 80m learned of well. So just study them.

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      I think manufacturing could come up, tho I'd revise all possible notes to make sure you're ready for anything. As for budgeting, cash could come up, and could be mixed with production! So have a look at those budget types

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      Oh yes, I'm was going to do the mixed cash budget just not the full cash budget? But that's a good point, I'll take a quick look over them!

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