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Final A/C 's Q1
sherry97 Leaving Cert Accounting — 19/06/16 11

for those doing q1 are ye only focusing on sole trader and manufacturing ?? i mean realistically it won't come up but should i look at company accounts as well ??

shauna_carton — 16/06/16
They're all slightly similar but no I'm focusing more on manufacturing and a bit of sole trader
sherry97 — 17/06/16
for manufacturing do you have to know how to do the 2005 pref and ordinary dividind adjustment ?,or is that off the course ?
shauna_carton — 18/06/16
Pretty sure you still have to know it, has your teacher given you any predictions?
CiaraPhelan — 18/06/16
I'm nearly sure it's off the course but it isn't too hard so no harm looking over it
Lc8/6/16 — 18/06/16
Predictions are published, suspense, ravluation, debtors control, cash&matierials mixed
shauna_carton — 18/06/16
What about service?
Lc8/6/16 — 18/06/16
Club maybe
osgonoude — 18/06/16
I think manufacturing but I hope not the layout is so long it takes ages to write it all out. The workings are more or less the same for them all though
sherry97 — 18/06/16
dont forget about 100 marker farm ..you never know ?
Ludy — 19/06/16
any predictions for questions 1's for ordinary level?
Ludy — 19/06/16
sole trader came up last year and they never repeat a question 2 yrs in a row
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