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    Final accounts advice raymond12

    ive been doing final accounts for a year and still cant grasp them.should i just focus on the other short questions in section one as im able to do some of the possible ones??

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      Stay away from the final accounts. They make your course longer, they are very complicated and they take up too much time. Focus on the rest of the course.

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      Thanks for the reply

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      I wouldnt recommend that choice to be honest..if u learn question 1 then u dont have to learn extra short questions... Q1 is guaranteed and only 3 types can come never know what can come up n q2,3 or 4...after that u can focus on your section 2...which means Q5 which is guaranteed also, and then u have a choice betwen 6 or 7 which are usually easy questions such as service firms or Suspense Accounts..In section 3 q9 is always going to be a budget with 3 types also and they are simple enough.

      If you wount learn Q1 you have to learn extra short questions and the ones u learn might not even come up also with Q1 if you learn sole trader they are all very alike just a few different adjustment.

      Anyways that what im doing with my teacher just a little advice..Good Luck:)

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      You have only 50mins to complete final accounts. And many students struggle to complete it in that amount of time.

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      But suppose you got a depreciation, which takes 25mins and control, which, if you can get the hang of, take 15 mins, that means you have extra time for the rest of the paper.

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      And plus every 60 mark question comes up as a 100 mark question, but final a/c knowledge is used no where else in the paper, thus adding onto the list of topics to be covered.

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