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JCScenes Leaving Cert Accounting — 24/09/16 7

Is their Ledger accounts in LC Accounting? For example, the repetitive Q1 on JC Business paper 2?

nicole18127 — 21/09/16
E.Devitt — 22/09/16
There is everything in LC accounting its supposed to be quite difficult
emmac223 — 22/09/16
accountings grand if you want a definite pass takes a while to do the accounts though for homework ect
nicole18127 — 22/09/16
Ya u can say that again
Sarah654 — 23/09/16
I loved it to bits of you get it at all you'll get a good grade but you need to realise it's a big step up from the jc accounting
JCScenes — 24/09/16
I've always balanced budgets and forecasts etc. Same with Final Accounts and Club Accounts. Will that cover me for beginning LC Accounting
Sarah654 — 24/09/16
Well all you had to do there was like put in figures. It's a step up but if you enjoyed it then you should enjoy it . It's a good non theory heavy subject
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