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Is it safe?!
timmy_x Leaving Cert Accounting — 20/06/16 12

Is it safe learning ratios, published, clubs and service?? Or will cash flow come up? Helppp

shaun.wallace.3994 — 19/06/16
I didn't do cash flow so I say you are
Alex_8363 — 19/06/16
I'd do tabular too if possible, but all of those are due up ^^
timmy_x — 19/06/16
I didn't even do tabular!! Hahah stresssssing
shaun.wallace.3994 — 19/06/16
I'll be doing it tomorrow morning
Roisin Hayden — 20/06/16
If you learn your ratios, then all of what could possibly come up for question 6 eg. Club, Published, Service and cash flow you should be fine
My teacher didn't even bother doing queetion 1..and she left out cash flow....So yeah...
Hoey97 — 20/06/16
I've learned, tab, suspense, published, club and service for the 100 markers, but I can't do incomplete type B, am I safe?
Chloe murphy686 — 20/06/16
incomplete came up last year I'm sure it won't come up this year and its been up every second year before that so ???
shaun.wallace.3994 — 20/06/16
No one knows we will all have to wait and see at 2
timmy_x — 20/06/16
Best of lucks lads :)
Dylan98 — 20/06/16
Best of luck! Hopefully the stuff we prepared for comes up! :P
shaun.wallace.3994 — 20/06/16
Saying a few hail marys in the car :P
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